Trader Joe's new products

Trader Joe’s Announces 7 New Products for Spring and Summer

Most of them won’t be around for long
Trader Joe's new products

Trader Joe’s is known for an ever-rotating store catalogue, and many of the chain’s new or seasonal products quickly become fan favorites. On April 8, the chain unveiled seven more products set to hit the shelves in spring and early summer. The announcement came as part of the newest episode of the podcast “Inside Trader Joe’s.”

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The products include two new desserts, a protein pancake mix, new and zesty flavors of chips and salsa, and two new drinks. We combed through the conversation and banter in the 22-minute episode to find the details you need to know about the new offerings.

Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s Ice Cream
If you’ve tried Trader Joe’s Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s cookies, you’re going to love this new decadent dessert. Following their recent release of Neapolitan-inspired cereal, the ice cream is a base of vanilla and strawberry swirl infused with pieces of chocolate fudge and the classic cookies. All of that is topped off with a dark chocolate swirl throughout.

Mochi Cake Mix
Mochi is a Japanese chewy frozen treat that’s been extra trendy among dessert lovers in 2019. Mochi Cake Mix from Trader Joe’s will be made with the same glutinous (but gluten-free) elastic material that mochi is made of — only you bake it. Reportedly, the resulting cake has a rich, buttery vanilla flavor alongside the strange new texture.

Protein Pancake Mix
For breakfast lovers and gym-goers alike, the Protein Pancake Mix will have 10 grams of protein in each sweet serving. Make a stack by adding water and pouring your batter onto a skillet over the stove. Voila. A quick and protein-packed breakfast.

Turmeric-Ginger-Coconut Beverage
Turmeric is touted for its health benefits, and coconut water is a hydrating alternative to regular H2O. According to Matt Sloan, the vice president of marketing product at Trader Joe’s, this bottled beverage basically tastes like a non-dairy golden milk.

Bloody Mary Salsa
This tomato-based salsa builds on traditional salsa by adding celery and a kick of spice. There’s no vodka in it, but pair it with a real bloody at your next barbecue to get a buzz.

Patio Potato Chips
Speaking of barbecues, a dip is nothing without a great bag of chips. One bag of the new Patio Potato Chips contains an assortment of four flavors of chip: a barbecue chip, a sea salt and vinegar chip, a dill chip and a homestyle ketchup chip. The ketchup flavor might be an acquired taste, but it’s reportedly pretty good. Just don’t dip it in Kranch.

Ethiopian Peaberry Hambayleigh Estate Small Lot Coffee
Trader Joe’s is appealing to your inner coffee snob with this new organic coffee roast sourced from a single estate in Ethiopia. So what’s a peaberry? Most coffee beans grow alongside a twin, giving them one flat side, but a small percentage of beans in every crop grow solo and have a round shape. These peaberry beans are often sorted out to ensure an even roast, and many aficionados say a peaberry-only batch will taste better. You’ll have to try for yourself to see if the TJ’s version lives up to the best-tasting coffees in America thus far.


The prices and exact dates of release for these new items have not yet been announced, but most of the products are seasonal. So get them while you can — they could soon join the list of products Trader Joe’s shoppers love the most.