‘Kranch’ Is Heinz’s New Ketchup and Ranch Mashup

What did we do to deserve this?

Heinz is on a kick with crazy condiment combinations. First came Mayochup (mayo and ketchup) and then Mayomust (mayo and mustard) and Mayocue (mayo and barbecue) — all were basically strange aioli. The latest installment in this series of sauces you could easily make on your own is the surprisingly mayo-less Kranch, a mashup of ketchup and ranch that kind of sounds like it’s named for that Christmas monster, Krampus.

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When this oddball sauce landed at The Daily Meal’s office, our staff was rightfully taken aback. What do we dip in this? Fries? Pizza? In what situation would anyone desire those sauces hand in hand? Lacking proper resources, we ripped apart pieces of pizza crust, squirted a dollop and dove head first into Kranch. The initial reaction was, “OK, this stuff actually isn’t that bad.” Kranch, you caught us by surprise.

In comparison to other things that people actually eat, it tasted like Thousand Island dressing or the very similar McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce, a mixture of mayo, relish, mustard and some other odds and ends. Some of our editors thought this might taste pretty nice on a burger with some bacon. Others thought our particular combination just kind of tasted like pizza with ranch, because there’s already a tomato element on a slice with red sauce.


We didn’t hate this, but we probably wouldn’t buy it. The flavor combination isn’t necessary, and even if it was, we would just mix the ranch and ketchup that are already in the fridge. Mayochup and Mayomust make the most sense because those flavors are often mixed on burgers anyway. But if you do happen to want any of these squeezable bottles, Heinz says they’re now available nationally. You can get them for $3.49 each and squirt them all over America’s best french fries.