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Trader Joe’s New Neapolitan Puffs Cereal Offers a Flavor Rainbow

Why choose between chocolate, strawberry and vanilla when you can have them all?
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Can’t decide between chocolate, strawberry and vanilla? Trader Joe’s new Neapolitan Puffs cereal lets you have all three flavors in one bowl. The new cereal, which was released Feb. 4, should appeal to those with breakfast-time option paralysis by combining all three flavors, just like Neapolitan ice cream.

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The cereal doesn’t have any synthetic flavors. The puffs are made with brown rice flour, rice protein, and a blend of garbanzo, navy and pinto bean powders, Trader Joe’s told The Daily Meal in an email.

The puffs are also sweetened with cane sugar and flavored with real cocoa, freeze-dried strawberries, natural vanilla flavor, and other natural flavors.

Neapolitan Puffs cereal

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Even the colors aren’t synthetic. Cocoa and a pinch of purple-carrot juice powder color the chocolate puffs brown, freeze-dried strawberries and more purple-carrot juice powder color the strawberry puffs pink, and the vanilla puffs are left in their natural tan color, the store says.

Neapolitan ice cream, which features chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream all lined up side-by-side in one box, is a favorite of Homer Simpson. Only he calls it “vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream,” and insists on having Marge buy it, although he only eats the chocolate. D’oh!


Neapolitan Puffs cereal is priced at $3.69 and is available at Trader Joe’s stores nationwide. While you’re picking up a box of the new cereal, check out ways to save money at Trader Joe’s.