The Top 100 Mom Food Blogs 2012 Slideshow

Smitten Kitchen

Who: Deb Perelman, mother of one living in New York City

Why we love this blog: There’s a reason that Time Magazine listed this as one of the best blogs of 2011 — and why it was also our top blog last year! Perelman knows her way around a kitchen, but she is also down-to-Earth enough to recognize that "Himalayan pink salt at $10 per quarter-ounce" isn’t going to fly with busy moms. An extensive collection of recipes combined with Perelman’s photographic genius are two of the main reasons why this site is one of the most popular food blogs out there. We’re currently cooking our way through Perelman’s archives now, but greatly looking forward to her upcoming cookbook launching this fall.

Aggie's Kitchen

Who: Aggie Goodman, an Orlando-based mother of two

Why we love this blog: Goodman is (thankfully) all pep and no pretension. The self-taught kitchen wizard is committed, not only to providing good recipes, but also to passing on a love of cooking to her avid readers. Started in 2008, Goodman’s blog is as much about the process of sharing kindness through food as it is about what and how to feed a family. Get ready to see some gorgeous dishes — like salmon with tropical fruit salsa or kicked-up cucumber salad — as well as behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into making them.

Dinner, a Love Story

Who: Jenny Rosenstrach, mother of two daughters living in Westchester, N.Y.

Why we love this blog: "On [this blog], you will never read those studies saying that kids who don’t eat family dinner will, you know, be gobbling handfuls of ecstasy by sixth grade." Amen to that. Rosenstrach has recorded every dinner she’s eaten since 1998 in her diary, so it’s logical that this food-obsessed mom would launch a no-nonsense blog dedicated to making dinner awesome. We love Rosenstrach because she’s in the trenches with us, fighting against the days when cooking sounds as appealing as a colonoscopy, and focuses largely on making family dinners a pleasurable experience right down to the last bite. And if you need even more inspiration, she just released her cookbook that’s great for novices and gourmands, alike.

La Tartine Gourmande

Who: Béatrice Peltre, a mother of one daughter living in Boston

Why we love this blog: Saveur loves her. The Washington Post loves her. We can’t help but do the same. This French ex-pat cook and food stylist earns a welcome spot in our hearts because she makes us want to spend an afternoon whipping up rhubarb and raspberry tartlets and taking photos that look like this. Everything about this blog emanates simplicity: simple ingredients, simple delights, simple moments spent with family. Expect recipes from around the globe — from Vietnamese bison salad to coconut banana bread inspired by a trip to Jamaica — fused with lots of homespun tales about Bea’s daughter, Lulu.

What's for Lunch, Honey?

Who: Meeta K. Wolff, mother to one son, Soeren, living in Weimar, Germany

Why we love this blog: Touted as one of the 50 best food blogs in the world by The Times Online, this organic-friendly blog operates largely on produce from farmers markets and community-supported agriculture gardens. Meeta spares no expense when it comes to buying the right ingredients — we know, quail eggs are not on your usual grocery list — but the payoff is huge. International dishes, travel musings, and knock-your-socks-off food photos are the staples of this blog.

The Wicked Noodle

Who: Kristy Bernardo, mother of two, living in Northern Virginia

Why we love this blog: We’d rather have personal chef Kristy Bernardo in our kitchens, whipping up home-cooked meals in a flash for our families, but in lieu of having the real Bernardo around, her blog is a close second. We love The Wicked Noodle because Bernardo is just as apt to reveal a tasty treat our kids love as she is to write up a killer cocktail recipe exhausted moms can enjoy. Because sometimes, we need our "me" time.

Green Kitchen Stories

Who: Luise Vindahl, mother of one daughter living in Stockholm, Sweden

Why we love this blog: Everyone and everything on this veggie-friendly blog is beautiful. Everything. Dedicated to offering families vegetarian recipes, this internationally minded husband-wife blog includes hearty dishes, like this green sushi salad, that challenge the typical family dinner menu and encourage healthy eating habits. Favorites on this site are Vindahl’s brown rice and pomegranate salad, fig and walnut spaghetti, and, of course, the frozen pink cheesecake we simply cannot make enough of. Getting healthy never tasted this good.

Tallgrass Kitchen

Who: Anna Thomas Bates, a mother of two boys living in Albany, Wisconsin

Why we love this blog: Anna knows that the best treats don’t come from a grocery store, and she’s here to show us how to make them ourselves. This blog provides solid solutions to every meal you want to make. Ranging from indulgent treats to quick and easy dishes for those days when dinner just has to get on the table now, Anna’s self-described "prairie-style" cooking is kid-friendly to the core (not to mention extremely parent-friendly) and practically guarantees meals that everyone is bound to love.

Eclectic Recipes

Who: Angie McGowan, mother of one living in Orlando, Fla.

Why we love this blog: Just take a look at these chocolate waffles slathered in slow-cooker berry sauce and try not to drool. Many of the recipes this Babble Family Kitchen blogger provides are simple dishes parents can make with their children, thus turning anxiety-inducing dinner prep into quality family time. Mom gets a home-cooked meal on the table, kids get a valuable lesson in where food comes from and how dinner is made. Everyone wins, one meal at a time.

Food on the Food

Who: Tammy Donroe, a mother of two living in Boston

Why we love this blog: Healthy recipes and an equally healthy distrust for the industrial food system in the U.S. are the hallmarks of this blog. A cancer survivor, Donroe is hell-bent on providing recipes that incorporate locally grown produce, naturally raised meat, and a sizeable serving of sass. The recipes here are delicious (just check this one out if you have doubts), but what we really love is this former Boston Magazine writer’s voice, which comes through loud and clear when she blogs about everything from family life to the difficulties of writing a dessert cookbook without putting on weight. Careful now, not all language here is safe for the young’uns.

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