These Ice Pop Flavors Are Completely Absurd

Whatever happened to strawberry and cherry?

Pickle pops are basically frozen pickle juice. 

With summer waiting in the wings, it’s time to start thinking about frozen treats. If the standard cherry ice pop from the supermarket is boring you, though, thankfully there are some truly wacky flavors out there, if you know where to find them. Here are seven of the weirdest.

Since 2008, Bob’s Pickle Pops has been selling frozen pickle juice in a flexible plastic tube. Not only does it cool you off with a pickle-flavored kick, it might also help with muscle cramps.

Prosecco Bellini
In the U.K., you can buy ice pops from a company called Pops in flavors like Champagne, rosé, rosé and raspberry, and prosecco Bellini. And better yet, they actually contain alcohol — about 4 percent.

While the Pops brand is only available in the U.K., in the U.S. you can purchase Poptails by Fruta Pop, and these clock in at about 5 percent alcohol. They come in a wide variety of flavors, including white coconut sangria, Moscow mule, watermelon margarita, mojito, rum and Cherry Coke, strawberry mint julep, and pomegranate punch.

The Popshop
The Popshop serves up all-natural ice pops, made with organic cane sugar and seasonal produce, across Los Angeles. The flavors (which are all vegan) vary from week to week and include a slew of interesting combinations like spiced cider, amaretto white peach, and avocado vanilla. Perhaps the most intriguing flavor they offer, though, is persimmon pudding. This frozen version of the classic American dessert is steamed and then chilled.

King of Pops
This Atlanta ice pop shop is owned and operated by three brothers with a love for paletas (Latin American frozen treats). They offer eight pops year-round, ranging from Arnold Palmer to banana pudding-flavored, plus a rotating selection of nearly 50 original flavors. The vanilla-based ice pop filled with malted milk Whopper candies is among the most unusual varieties available, though the pineapple habanero and habanero margarita treats come close.

Zora Dora’s Micro Batch Ice Cream and Paletas
Zora Doras in Beacon, New York, specializes in making funky-flavored pops taste and look like elegant, gourmet desserts. They offer both typical American-style pops and paletas. For a sweet and savory treat try the vanilla-beet pop, which is a vanilla pop dipped in roasted beet puree. If you’re looking for something a bit more different, order the arroz con leche pop, which is essentially frozen rice pudding with raisins on a stick. Frozen rice may seem risky in theory, but the chewy texture is absolutely delightful.


Lil’ Pop Shop
Jeanne Chang runs Lil' Pop Shop, she also sells her all-natural pops from a roving cart. All of the flavors are made using locally sourced fruits and come in intriguing combinations such as lemon-blueberry buttermilk and mango Sriracha. For something extra unique try the peanut butter curry ice pop.