These Prosecco Ice Pops Are a Must-Have This Summer

Pops has released these prosecco popsicles that come in various flavors, including Bellini, prosecco, rosé, and Champagne

Ice pops have grown up.

Do you remember those squeezable freezer pops you begged your mom to buy you all summer as a kid? Well the good news is that, as an adult, you can buy freezer pops yourself — and these are boozy.

The U.K.-based company Pops has released boozy ice pops just in time for summer that are four percent alcohol by volume, and come in multiple flavor and liquor combinations, including Champagne, prosecco and peach, and the limited-edition flavor, Moscow mule. Who knew you could get tipsy off of ice pops?

Unfortunately, “the world’s first Champagne ice pop” is only available in the U.K., but thankfully Frutapops are here to save us from buying a really expensive plane ticket. Frutapops are made and sold in the U.S. and come in 13 flavor and liquor varieties (and at five percent alcohol by volume, they deliver slightly more booze for your buck).

The full Frutapop flavor listing sounds divine, and makes us want to run out right now and buy a pack — and then wait for the summer weather to finally kick in. You can choose from such unusual frozen cocktails as white coconut sangria, watermelon margarita, cranberry martini, classic mojito, strawberry mint julep, classic mimosa, and more. Buy them online here.


If you’re feeling creative, check out The Daily Meal’s recipes for beer ice pops and watermelon boozy pops.