Subway Now Offers Delivery at 9,000 Locations

The chain has partnered with 4 delivery services to make this happen

Subway has partnered with four major delivery services in the U.S. to deliver from 9,000 locations nationwide. 

Now you can get your Subway sandwiches delivered. Subway has partnered with four delivery providers to bring the chain’s iconic menu to customers nationwide. Subway has made it possible to get your tuna salad, green pepper and cheddar cheese footlong creation — or whatever else it is you like — delivered to you from Subway through UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates.

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The partnership includes delivery from nearly 9,000 Subway shops and includes the full menu. So, you can get chips, a drink, a sandwich, a salad, and a cookie all from Subway’s website and have it brought to you through the closest available partner. “Delivery is more than just giving our guests a way to order the sandwiches they want,” said Michael Lang, Subway’s senior director of global convenience, in a press release.

Subway has been struggling in recent years as other chain restaurants have started to offer its core offerings — sandwiches — and go after the lunch and delivery crowd. In 2017, the brand’s U.S. store count dropped by 900 locations, and earlier this year Subway announced plans to shutter 500 more locations. By making delivery available on so many platforms, Subway looks to be better positioned to grab some of the estimated 12 percent growth in food delivery over the next five years, according to a 2016 study conducted by Technomic.


The chain plans to continue rolling out delivery services at more Subway restaurants in the coming months. However, you won’t be able to order a $5 footlong, as most Subways have taken the deal off the menu. Didn’t realize Subway was changing? Here are 14 things you don’t know about Subway.