Shake Shack's Secret Menu, Revealed! Slideshow

Extra Shack Sauce

You can have extra Shack sauce for fifty cents. But if you forget to ask for a side of sauce when you pay they'll usually still give it to you when you pick up your food. What you do with it, well, that's up to you.

Shackburger with Pickles

A "secret menu" item for beginners: pickles on your Shackburger. Not the long pickles they put on the Shack-Cago dog, but thick wedge pickles they put in a little container or a fry tray. Assembly required.

Shackburger with Pickles and Onions

A slightly more advanced move: you can also get onions and pickles. What to call it? A Shackburger with the works? Assembly required.

Cheese Dog

They split the dog and griddle it, then top it with the cheese sauce from the fries. No assembly required. They'll make this one flat out for you.

Cheese Dog with Peppers

The sport peppers are part of what makes Chicago's hot dogs so great, and they elevate the Shack-Cago dog to New York's elite status. Why not get a cheese dog with peppers. Smart move. No assembly required. They made this one as shown.

"Chili" Cheese Fries

Of all these secret menu items, this is probably the best. The spiciness, the tang, the cheese, all go together to make this a crowd-pleaser. And they even chopped the peppers up without being asked and tossed them on top. No assembly required.

"Protein-Style" Shackburger

You can do it. But why would you want to? Unless you're gluten-free, the potato bun is too good to avoid. And you do have to build it yourself. The burger and lettuce come wrapped separately. Assembly required.

The Quad

Four patties on one burger. A super juicy gut-bomb. No Assembly required, it's just tough keeping it all together. What's the max number of patties they'll do on one burger? In-N-Out used to do the 100x100. Ah-one. Ah-two. Ah-three. Ah-four. The world may never know.

Cheese and Shack Sauce Fries

If getting cheese on your fries isn't overboard enough, you can get a side of Shack sauce to top them off with. Think American cheese fries meets Belgian-style fries with mayo. An order of raw onions gets you so close to animal-style. If only they'd griddle the onions. Assembly required.

Shack-Cago Burger

Relish doesn't belong on a burger. At least, not on the Shackburger. It makes it too sweet. Luckily, the mustard offsets that sweetness, and all the veg that you'll traditionally find on the Chicago-style hot dog does make for good textural variation. Assembly required (don't forget the msutard).

Double Shack Stack

Technically just doubling the Shack Stack, yes. Very difficult to eat, as the mushrooms burst open and slide around, and it's totally over-the-top decadent, but it's super juicy. Great move for cheese freaks. No assembly required. Just some serious work involved in corralling this one.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato

The way they responded to this one, it seemed like it's something they're asked for with a little frequency. There are some smart people out there. This is a good fast food grilled cheese. Squishy melted cheese enrobes the tomatoes, and they griddle the bun, which gives it a flat, beautiful texture and nutty taste. No assembly required.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream rocks. The potato bun kills it. Ed's Lobster Bar did an ice cream sandwich years back with a butter-griddled hot dog bun, which got some great play in New York Magazine. So why not at Shake Shack. Toasted or soft, either way, the Shake Shack ice cream sandwich is a strong finish to a meal if you can wait that long to eat it. Assembly required.

"Hatch" Shackburger

OK, so they're not hatch chiles. But the sports peppers give your regular Shackburger a nice extra zing. Beware the exploding juicy peppers. Assembly required.


Shake Shack makes a good Arnold Palmer and they stock the lemonade separately, so... why not make your lunch a little more European with this hangover helper. It's bright, citrusy, and refreshing. A great drinking-in-secret option. Shack-ployees were impressed and enthusiastic about this request. No assembly required.