Sandwich of the Week: DW Bistro’s Jerk Grilled Chicken Sandwich

DW Bistro serves a chicken sandwich with a Jamaican twist in Las Vegas

DW Bistro’s jerk grilled chicken sandwich.

Dalton Wilson was taught to cook at an early age by his father, Basil Wilson, who moved the Jamaican-born family to the U.S. when Dalton was 7 years old. They landed in the Southwest, and Dalton spent the rest of his childhood around the traditions of New Mexico, honing his culinary skills with the heat of the red and green chiles that made this area of the country so well known. As an adult, he moved to Las Vegas, teamed up with Bryce Krausman, and the “culinary brothers” opened DW Bistro in 2010.

It is Dalton’s upbringing — both in Jamaica and American Southwest — that inspired the restaurant’s jerk grilled chicken sandwich. A chicken breast that’s been marinated in jerk spices is grilled and topped with jalapeño-spiced bacon (there’s that nod to New Mexico), Jack cheese, lettuce, a slice of heirloom tomato, and mayo, which is all layered between two halves a pillow-y brioche bun.


Krausman told us that “The flavors of Jamaican jerk combine to make this sandwich layered with flavor. Like Audrey Hepburn meets Bob Marley — fancy and elegant, but with a twist of Jamaica!” It’s a combination that your taste buds will tell you works exceedingly well, and that’s why it’s this week’s Sandwich of the Week.