The Egg House Opens on New York’s Lower East Side

Gaze in fried-eyed wonder
The Egg House is Hard to Beat!

Take a look inside the Egg House in NYC. According to its founder, "It's a fun place for people who love eggs!"

Welcome to the Egg House

Your Insta-feed is about to get far more egg-selant thanks to the debut of The Egg House in New York City. The opening of this limited-time-only popup was filled selfie-taking crowds.

The concept revolves around an egg named Ellis, who is dreaming peacefully in a back bedroom, and guests are able climb in and on his dream-like props – from an oversized egg carton to an eggshell garden swing.

The four-person development team hashed the idea out over brunch, trying to come up with a single ingredient to feature. The Museum of Ice Cream has been touring the States since its NYC debut, and San Diego is getting its own avocado-centric museum. But the answer was in front of them the whole time: eggs. The relatable ingredient is familiar to nearly every culture and food tradition (except vegans but that’s okay). There’s a founder, a curator, and two interior designers who spent six months from concept to launch developing the space and writing the story behind Ellis.

the Egg House

Courtesy of the Egg House

Biu Biu Xu, founder of the Egg House

Follow Ellis’ life from the oversized egg carton through a childhood pool where you can nearly hear the shouts of “Last one in is a rotten egg” (probably because it’s painted on the wall). The experience culminates with an eggshell garden swing in the basement. You’ll be snapping ‘grams and taking Boomerangs the entire time.


Although the entire experience feels like a joke that you’re not quite in on, it’s all very serious. In fact, the founder, Biu Biu Xu, has already planned the house’s next destination – Shanghai. So dive into the ball pit, climb into the egg carton, and get ready to add this item to the ultimate Instagram feed.