MSNBC Host Accidentally Refers to Bernie Sanders During Broadcast as ‘Bernie Sandwiches’

Bernie Sanders may have won the Democratic primaries in New Hampshire last night, but Bernie Sandwiches won the Internet
MSNBC Host Accidentally Refers to Bernie Sanders During Broadcast as ‘Bernie Sandwiches’

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We are now accepting your recipe ideas for a Bernie Sandwich.

Last night, during breaking news coverage of the New Hampshire primaries, Bernie Sanders was given a new nickname that has given deli and diner owners nationwide a call to arms. 

Speaking of the two candidates who won New Hampshire, MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted the strong messages on stagnating wages in Middle America from both Republican Donald Trump, and Democrat Bernie Sanders.

“You see that in both Trump’s particularly closing message and railing against pharmaceutical companies and the like, and Bernie Sandwiches’ — Sanders’— message from the beginning.”

Given that Trump already inspired his fair share of foods — like the Trump Sandwich, “full of bologna” and the “Trump Burger (You’re Fired!)” — it seems only fair for Sanders to get his own specialty sandwich.

We’re not quite sure what would be inside a Sanders-specific sandwich, but we do know that the Vermont senator, who has already inspired a hot sauce, sticks to a pretty simple diet.

Hayes later explained on Twitter that he was somewhat distracted by food at the time:

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