DC Diner Debuts the Trump Sandwich: ‘Full of Bologna’

The sandwich was specially made to be ‘big enough to fit in Trump’s mouth’

One local business is cashing in on The Donald’s big mouth.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has certainly made his mark in the food world recently — two prominent chefs pulled out of their restaurant projects within the upcoming Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C., following his well-publicized remarks on immigration, and he promptly sued — but now the wispy blond Republican has actually been immortalized in sandwich form.

The American City Diner, located in D.C., recently introduced a new menu item that pays homage to The Donald in the form of a bologna sandwich “big enough to fit in Trump’s mouth,” according to the card that comes with each sandwich.

The sandwich, featuring a full pound of bologna, plus lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on toasted white bread, is quite a specialty item. “Normally, we don’t even carry bologna,” the sandwich’s inventor and diner owner Jeffrey Gilderhorn told the New York Post.

The sign in front of the diner now boasts that it’s home to “The Trump Sandwich: Full of Bologna.”

Gilderhorn, you might have guessed, isn’t a fan of Trump, but appreciates the opportunity to capitalize on his fame. In fact, the sandwich has already gotten so popular that Gilderhorn has doubled its price from $6.95 to $12.95.


Donald might not love his eponymous sandwich, but we bet he would approve of this sharp business strategy.