Trump Burger Selling Like Crazy at Denver Diner Ahead Of Debate

A burger named after Donald Trump is selling like crazy at a Denver diner
trump burger


A Denver burger joint has rolled out a fiery burger named after Donald Trump. 

Washingtonians have their very own Donald Trump sandwich that's called Full of Bologna.  Now ahead of tonight's debate in Boulder, Coloradans have their own spicy burger in honor of the Republican presidential candidate.

“It’s been selling like crazy,” Helen Patterson, co-owner of CityGrille in Denver, told The Denver Post.Her team has created a special sandwich that’s as fierce as the bleach blonde-coiffed man himself. 

The “Trump Burger (You’re Fired!)” features a ground beef patty topped with two bacon-wrapped cream-cheese-filled jalapeno poppers-- all served up with some “comb-over slaw.”

trump burger

“People either like Trump, or they don’t. It’s just for fun,” said Patterson, indicating that they are not trying to divide people along political lines. So far, just one person has sent the burger back because it was too hot—but most customers appear to like it.

“We just had a 70-year-old woman in here, and she ate every bit of it,” said Patterson. “She loved it.”

The diner is home to other comically named sandwiches including “The Hangover” and “The Lobbyist” but the CityGrille owners are taking full advantage of Trump’s current popularity. On Monday, they put out a life-sized cutout the real estate mogul wearing a red baseball cap reading “Make America Great Again.”

trump burger

At least one customer was as excited about the sign as he was to chow down on the burger.

Diner Charley Takaya told The Denver Post via email that the burger was tasty “but the funny part is the owners let me take a picture with (the) Donald Trump cutout, which was funny as it is.”

The Trump Burger sells for $12.99 at CityGrille in Denver.