McDonald's Is the Most Popular Fast-Food Driving Destination In the US

America is still ‘lovin’ it’

According to a new study, McDonald’s was found to be the most popular fast-food driving destination in the U.S.

There’s no place like McDonald’s, as anyone who has felt their stomach growl on a road trip can tell you. It’s America’s biggest burger chain, and according to a new study that ranks the 20 most popular navigation-app destinations in the U.S., it’s also the most popular fast-food driving destination nationwide.

America’s 10 Best Fast-Food Chains for Breakfast

A study published by safe-driving app Drivemode found that fast-food restaurants accounted for 21.29 percent of all navigation-app requests and that of those requests McDonald’s was the most popular destination. Their study found that it was also the second most popular destination overall behind Walmart.

“This new study shows that Americans get behind the wheel to spend money somewhere, mostly on food. They’re especially drawn to large businesses like Walmart and McDonald’s that advertise extensively and are available, accessible, and convenient in most American communities,” said Yo Koga, the CEO of Drivemode.


The second most popular fast-food driving destination was Starbucks, followed by late-night favorite Taco Bell. The business of fast food is still evolving to be more accessible. People don’t even need to drive to pick up their McDonald’s anymore when they can just have it delivered. Here’s how fast food has changed since you were in high school.