Kit Kat Launches Hazelnut, Double Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Flavors, but Only in the UK

*crosses fingers* please roll out in the US soon!

Kit Kat is rolling out an indulgent new Kit Kat experience for customers in Ireland and the U.K. Called Kit Kat Senses, the individually wrapped chocolate and wafer bites come in three new flavors: hazelnut, double chocolate, and salted caramel.

“We know our consumers want something special when they buy confectionery and it’s exciting to bring in these new indulgent Kit Kat chocolates,” said Alex Gonnella, the marketing director for Nestlé U.K., which manufactures the candy, in a press release.

The new hazelnut flavor will include praline and crunchy pieces of hazelnut, which the salted caramel flavor will have salted caramel filling infused with crunchy caramel flakes. Double chocolate will feature rich ganache and cocoa nibs. Interestingly, the boxes are designed to turn into sharing platters.

“Kit Kat Senses is a more premium format that gives people the opportunity to enjoy their favourite Kit Kat in a different way, it’s ideal for sharing with friends and family, looks great on the table and makes a perfect gift. We are very proud of these new chocolates, they taste fantastic and come in flavours we know consumers love,” Gonnella continued.

Kit Kat Senses are currently available in both a mixed box (with all three flavors) and a hazelnut-only box across the U.K. and Ireland. Kit Kat fans in the United States aren’t likely to see Kit Kat Senses any time soon, though — the iconic bars are manufactured in this country by the Pennsylvania-based Hershey Company through a license that predates Nestlé’s acquisition of the brand. Ever wonder what the best chocolate shop in your state is? Find out here!