KFC Swag Is Finally Coming to Australia

Australians will get dibs on eight new KFC merch items

Kentucky Fried Chicken is launching a new line of merchandise for its Australian fans that benefits charity

We never realized what big fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken Australians are, but apparentl, they love it and have been considerably miffed not to have any KFC swag Down Under. While the rest of the globe was busy playing with their fried chicken-scented bath bombs, nail polish, fried chicken bouquets, and tree ornaments, Australians were quietly crispy about the lack of the fried chicken brand merch.

But now, as part of a month of fundraising activities for the KFC Youth Foundation, a collection catered specifically to Australians is arriving Thursday, August 16. Eight unmistakably Aussie items will launch at noon online, including KFC print trackies, 100% Original Recipe Tee, some Colonel-inspired budgie smugglers, a KFC surfboard featuring the Colonel, and KFC-scented Surf Wax, which will make your board just as greasy and fried chicken-scented as a bucket of wings and thighs.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Although we have no idea what “budgie smugglers” are — and we think “trackies” might be track pants? — we have to say the Australian merch sounds pretty finger-lickin’ good. As if those items weren’t enough, the brand will also offer pins, socks, and a KFC necklace plated with real gold.

According to an emailed press release, all proceeds will go to the recently launched KFC Youth Foundation, which supports meaningful youth services such as mentorship, skills development, mental well-being, and overcoming disadvantage. The brand has partnered with programs such as Reach, Youngcare, Whitelion, Streetwork, and ReachOut.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

“We hope you enjoy KFC’s most Aussie collection ever. I think it’s a ‘Zinger!” Colonel Sanders “wrote” in the release.

Not in Australia, so you can’t grab that KFC surfboard and fried chicken wax? No matter where you are, you can read up on 15 things you didn’t know about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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