KFC Philippines Introduces “KFChizza”: Pizza with a Fried Chicken Crust

KFC is putting a spin on the usual pizza

For now, the KFChizza is only available in the Philippines.

KFC continues to push the envelope by replacing bread with fried chicken… again! 

Behold the KFChizza! This new creation takes a slab of fried chicken and adds pizza sauce, cheese, and various pizza toppings. The end result is, essentially, a fried chicken pizza. It’s currently only available in the Philippines.

This isn’t the first time KFC replaced bread with fried chicken. They swapped out burger buns for fried chicken to create the KFC Double Down, which was a hit across America. The chain took it even farther by replacing hot dog buns with fried chicken to create the KFC Double Down Dog in the Philippines.

This isn’t to be confused with the KFC pizza-fried chicken hybrid; The KFChizza is its own bold step forward in the fried chicken universe. 

KFC Philippines has been tweeting about the KFChizza and posting photos of customers enjoying the new creation. In one tweet, the fast food giant said that only 50 are available per store.  

There haven’t been any plans for the KFChizza to be introduced to America, but if you’re still fascinated with the fried chicken creation, enjoy this promotional video.