KFC's Double Down Has Arrived

The KFC Double Down is here, and yes, it's a ridiculous sandwich. But at 10:13am, there was a suit in his mid-twenties in the Herald Square KFC who ordered two. Doubling-down the Double Down? It's an idea that actually should have been applied to the filling between the chicken breasts, which as you've undoubtedly heard, have replaced the bun in this new fast food sandwich.

As it is with these things, the food and the picture don't match. The fried chicken breasts are not as fried as advertised. Still, they're moist, juicy, and spicy — leaving that peppery KFC taste on your tongue. There are two slices of cheese and two slices of bacon. This is a wipe-your-hands-on-your-jeans kind of sandwich, so it's better to leave it in its paper slip while eating it, and probably to not put it down 'til it's done.

The verdict? Yes, you feel fat while eating it. But as out-there as the sandwich is supposed to be, it would have done better to go further. Each fried chicken breast (crisp on the edges, a softer fry elsewhere), is almost ¾-of-an-inch-thick. That's a lot of chicken — the bacon and cheese kind of get lost. KFC would do better to double the cheese and the bacon; more crunchy bacon, more gooey, drippy cheese coming out the sides of the fried chicken. If you're going to go there, might as well really go there.