Have You Seen the New Pizza-Fried Chicken Hybrid at KFC?

It’s considered pizza if it has cheese and tomato sauce

The Napoli Crispy Fried Chicken is topped with melted cheese and tomato sauce.

It seems to be the summer of hybrid foods at fast food chains, what with the Hot Dog Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut and red burgers in Burger King Japan, so it’s fitting that KFC is releasing pizza-fried chicken — right?

KFC Hong Kong is advertising Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken, which is KFC’s fried chicken covered in melted cheese and tomato sauce. We’re not sure how these toppings resemble Neapolitan pizza, but we’ll roll with it.

A two-piece pizza chicken meal with mashed potatoes and a soft drink is $36.60 Hong Kong dollars, which is around $4.75 in U.S. dollars. And if you want the two-piece meal with a large serving of mushroom rice, an egg tart, and a soft drink, it’ll cost around $5.00.


There is also a pizza chicken bucket meal for around $16.50 and apparently, customers can add on a garlic butter chicken wing for $1.50 or so. At this point, we’re not sure which one sounds more terrifying — or artery-clogging.