Jeb Bush’s Campaign Tab: Advertising, Vegas, and Pizza

Though salaries were eventually cut, and some staffers were let go, Bush made sure to at least keep the pizzas flowing
Jeb Bush’s Campaign Tab: Advertising, Vegas, and Pizza

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Hundreds of pizzas kept Bush’s staffers fed as they monitored their candidate’s chances for the Republican nomination.

After a poor showing during the South Carolina primaries, former Florida governor Jeb Bush officially suspended his bid for the White House, but not before spending an estimated $130 million on his campaign.

The bulk of that money went to advertising ($84 million) and staffers ($8.3 million), but Bush also spent a fair amount on fancy dinners and events ($94,100) at places like the Yale Club and the Union League Club of Chicago, according to a ledger of the campaign’s expenses obtained by the New York Times. Bush and his team were also particularly fond of campaigning in Las Vegas, where they spent $48,544.

As the race wore on, however, and Bush’s funds dwindled, Bush continued to reward his staff’s hard work with a regular supply of pizza, of which Bush’s campaign and super PAC were “particularly fond,” according to the Times, “whether from Domino’s or from Pizza Ranch, the Iowa chain. Though the staff’s salaries were cut, and some workers were eventually let go, the Bush team spent $4,837 on pizza, the cheesy equalizer.

At around $10, that’s nearly 500 boxes of large Domino’s pizzas to keep the staff’s spirits up as Bush fought for relevance against stronger contenders like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.

Just days after Bush ended his campaign, he turned his attention to another food issue, the Guaca Bowle. The dish, designed for storing guacamole, was a piece of merchandize available from the campaign’s online store. At $75 a bowl, however, a British fan lamented the fact that the price seemed too steep for such simple kitchenware, especially one that didn’t even include Jeb’s secret guacamole recipe.

When asked to investigate the possibility of a sale on the Guaca Bowle, Jeb actually responded within three minutes. “I have no idea but I will check,” Bush told a potential buyer

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