After Dropping Out of the Election, Jeb Bush Now Handles Customer Support for Guacamole Bowl Sales

Jeb Bush, after dropping out of the election, is apparently still selling his campaign’s official guacamole bowl
We’ll keep our eye out for a sale on Jeb Bush’s guac bowl.

Jeb Bush

We’ll keep our eye out for a sale on Jeb Bush’s guac bowl.

Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign promises, much like his guacamole bowl, are now empty and likely to be forgotten about.

Last week, Bush became the latest Republican to drop out of the presidential election. But you can still purchase his merchandise online, including the famous $75 Guaca Bowle, which “doesn’t come with Jeb’s secret recipe for guacamole.” Now that his campaign is over, Bush apparently has a lot of free time on his hands, and has even been responding to customer service request emails.

Anthony Breach, a Londoner with a wry sense of humor and a penchant for Bush’s policies, sent the former presidential hopeful an email expressing his condolences at Jeb’s loss and asked if he will be running a sale on the guacamole bowl anytime soon because “as a recent graduate living in London I cannot quite afford to splash out at the current prices, and I'm afraid limited stocks will mean the supply soon runs out.”

Bush actually personally responded to the email within three minutes of Breach’s initial inquiry:

“I have no idea but I will check. That is pretty funny. jeb” (Sans capitalization and his campaign’s signature exclamation point at the end of Jeb!)

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We wonder what Bush and other former Republican presidential contenders will get up to next.