It’s Time to Start Rolling (Not Folding) Our Slices of Pizza

Just roll it up like a burrito

Historically, there have only been three ways to eat a slice of pizza: use a knife and fork, eat it straight-on with your hands, or fold it in half. But we humbly propose a fourth method: rolled, from the crust down to the point.

Think about it: Some of the best foods on earth are rolled up. Taquitos. Sushi. Cinnamon rolls. Ho Hos. Just about anything can be (and has been) turned into a roulade or pinwheel, because they’re damn fun to eat. Pizza is just begging to be rolled up like that, lying there all flat and everything. In fact, a lot of good pizzerias already sell pepperoni rolls, which are basically just rolled up pepperoni pizzas that have been sliced into pinwheels before being baked. And one of the finest frozen creations of all time is already called Pizza Rolls.

When you roll up a slice of pizza and eat it, you accomplish a few important things. One, if the cheese is still melty, you’re fusing it to the bottom crust, increasing the cheesy goodness factor. Two, you’re making a two-dimensional food three-dimensional, which is always good. Three, you’re making it easier to hold in one hand, completely nullifying the sag factor (and using it to your advantage, in fact, because the more pliable it is, the easier it rolls). And finally, because you’re getting a little bit of the outer crust with each bite, the bread-to-cheese-to-sauce ratio will always be perfect.

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We’re not saying that you should stop eating pizza the way that works best for you; all we’re trying to do is expand your pizza-eating consciousness. There’s no perfect way to eat a slice of pizza, but there is one time when the roll is far superior to any other method: When it’s fresh out of the microwave. For where to find the best pizza in every state, click here.