The All-Time Frozen Food Hall Of Fame

We tend to not give frozen food much thought these days. Thanks to the availability of fresh ingredients and the stigma around processed foods, we aren't buying nearly as much frozen food as we used to. But the development of frozen food revolutionized the way we eat, and these 13 products definitely belong in a frozen food hall of fame.

The All-Time Frozen Food Hall of Fame (Slideshow)

There is, in fact, an existing Frozen Food Hall of Fame, founded in 1990 by an organization called the Distinguished Order of Zerocrats, which "maintains the tradition of promoting the image and advancement of the frozen food industry." (Seriously.) However, it only honors individuals, not the products themselves — this year's inductees include the founder of Albany Frozen Foods, the CEO of Wawona Frozen Foods, and the vice president of sales for Mrs. T's Pierogies.

So for our frozen food hall of fame, we decided to take a different tack: We're honoring the brands themselves, and the products that put them on the map. These are the frozen foods that we grew up eating, that introduced us to TV dinners, and that showed the world that not only could these foods be frozen, but they could taste pretty good too. (These are only savory items, frozen desserts are for another induction ceremony.) So take a moment to acknowledge the influence that these 13 foods have had on the way we eat, and don't take them for granted the next time you spot them in the supermarket.