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This is How Much You Should Actually Tip Your Server

It’s not rocket science

Even though it’s not practiced in many parts of the world, tipping is still going strong in the U.S. Although a handful restaurants of have done away with tipping and instead tack on a service charge or include the cost of service in the price (even though Danny Meyer recently reversed course and brought tipping back to his restaurants for a variety of reasons), at just about every restaurant, bar, and coffee shop, you’re going to need to leave a tip, like it or not. 

This is How Much You Should Actually Tip Your Server Gallery

Even if you believe that tipping is an inconvenient and arguably outdated practice, it’s still something that you’re bound to encounter quite often, so you might as well become a master of what to tip in every situation. There’s no official rulebook for how much to tip; it’s largely dependent on the quality of the service, but there are baselines for everything. For example, plenty of people think that a dollar per drink at a bar is acceptable, but that’s just not the case in every situation.

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To determine the right amount to tip a waiter, a bartender, or a barista, we reached out to multiple members of the service industry to get their takes on how much to tip. We also pulled data from multiple online surveys and polls of industry workers regarding how much customers usually tip, and how much is preferred. So the next time you find yourself rummaging through your pockets to tip the delivery guy, or calculating the tip on that lengthy bar tab, you’ll know exactly how much to fork over.