This Waiter Revealed 16 Things Customers Do That Annoy Him

The gloves are coming off


Not many servers are smiling behind the scenes.

Ask anyone who’s ever spent any time waiting tables, and they’ll tell you that it’s no easy job. You’re on your feet for hours, taking orders, putting out fires, and dealing with hungry and cranky diners, all with a smile on your face. But what are the things that customers do that really annoy servers? This very question was posed to Quora, and one server responded with an epic list of annoyances. Here are 16:

  • Asking a 55-year old man/woman how they would like their steak prepared, and they have no clue how to respond 
  • Hot water + lemon
  • Watching customers be the only table in the restaurant long after we’ve closed and long after the second to last table left
  • Customers who create their own dish. What’s worse is when they don’t like it… Guh
  • Not being there when I deliver a customer’s food which is hot/cold, and, thus, having to take it back into the kitchen to “hold.”
  • Someone ordering a Napa Cab to go with your sashimi and Halibut
  • The fifth round of bread
  • When a party gets to the restaurant 5 minutes after we close, we’re kind enough to seat them, and then they order the tasting menu
  • Forgetting what you ordered, and not knowing why what you ordered is currently being set in front of you
  • Moving tables 2+ times. Once is already pretty annoying; especially if you screwed up the settings and the table now needs to be reset
  • Complaining about the volume of anything in the restaurant. This happens once a week, at best. You mean to tell me that it was perfectly fine for ~1,000 people, but not for you?
  • Breaking up with your fiancée in the middle of a 7-course meal on Valentine's Day.
  • Sending back a $144 steak; twice
  • Eating everything and then complaining it wasn’t good, and you didn’t like it, after I checked to see if everything was alright
  • Forgetting to pay your bill
  • Forgetting I’m a human being