Food Writer Used Her $400 Dyson Hair Dryer to Create Perfectly Roasted Chicken

And it turned out gorgeous

Helen Rosner, a food writer for the New Yorker, tweeted out a picture of herself using a $400 hair dryer to get excess moisture out of her chicken’s skin.

This food writer has a seriously inventive strategy for getting her roasts crisp! Helen Rosner, a food writer for The New Yorker, tweeted a photo of herself aiming a hair dryer at a chicken she planned on roasting. 

“Happy snow day,” she tweeted on March 21. “I am using an astonishingly expensive hair dryer to remove all moisture from a chicken to maximize skin crispiness when I roast it.”

The tweet, which went viral with over 1,700 likes and almost 200 retweets showcased not only Rosner’s stunning abalone manicure and her beauty-must-have $400 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, but also her ingenuity to replace a blowtorch with a nontraditional kitchen tool — whose uses she pointed out to fashion and beauty magazine Allure.

“For crisp skin, whether you’re cooking a chicken or a duck or a fish, you want there to be as little water moisture as possible, which is sped up by a fan. And that’s all a hair-dryer really is — a hand-held fan that you can pretty easily bring into the kitchen,” she divulged.

“The fact that it’s way, way, way better at drying my hair than any other dryer I’ve tried is just a bonus. The fact that it helps my roast chicken be so great is a double bonus.”

But no matter how great her hair dryer hack may be, Rosner still had to tell off Twitter trolls who tried to insult her for using something perceived to be a female-marketed item. Because men don’t like grooming!

“Hello to all the covertly misogynist folks in my mentions right now who don't seem to realize that a handheld hair dryer is the same thing as the very manly toolshop hot air gun, or that this method has a long history with Peking Duck!” she wrote.

Rosner posted a photo of her finished product, a roasted chicken with a gorgeous all-over bronze color. Clearly her hairdryer trick works! After all, she is a professional. We bet it also does wonders for her hair. After all, living well (aka looking good and enjoying a supremely crispy skinned-roast chicken) is the best revenge.

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