What The Heck Do You Call The End Slice On A Loaf Of Bread?

What do you call the end slice on a loaf of bread? Apparently, nobody can agree. Twitter was aflutter with conversation after British actor Stephen Mangan revealed he called it the "heel." What seemed to be an innocent comment started a food debate for the ages.

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After a tweet about using the last slice of a loaf of bread to make toast, Mangan, best known for starring in the British comedy "Green Wing" — was asked by a curious Twitter user what he actually calls this piece of bread. "The heel," he responded.

Well, the internet hated that answer and threw a whole bunch of names at him for the last slice in the loaf. Some of them claimed the nicknames were family-made, while some had no reason for calling that bit of bread such a weird thing.

"It's the outside of the bread so it's the outsiders, obviously," challenged Twitter user Elaine.

"Loafscabs," responded Simon Blackwell, using probably rhe grossest name we have ever heard for a slice of bread.

"In our house, the end of the loaf is called the Charlie. Which is a bit confusing now we also have a son called Charlie," explained Twitter user Alex Freeman.

"Thirty years without a word for the bread butt," Joshua Raclaw responded.

There were so many responses to sift through that Mangan wrote a final tweet, compiling all the possible names for the end slice in a loaf of bread. "So the end slice of a loaf is (according to you weirdos) – the knobby, knobby end, knob end, nobbly, knobbler, norbert, doormat, topper, nut end, noggie, noggin, ender, crust, butt, outsider, tush, doorstep, bumper, healie, nub, bum, bum end, knocker [all wrong] or heel [correct]," he wrote.

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