Dodger Stadium’s New Menus Are a Major League Grand Slam

Peanuts and popcorn and…poke bowls? Hot dog!

Shock Top sausage at Dodger Stadium

Let’s go, Dodgers! Dodger baseball fans may be coming for the playoff games (and, fingers crossed, the 2017 World Series), but stadium food fans come for the grub. Dodger Stadium now has all its bases covered following a complete revamp of its food stands, specialty menus, and dining spaces for its winning 2017 season. And judging by record-setting sales figures, it’s a mouth-watering grand slam.

Tasty temptation choices are now vast, though traditionalists may not be willing to forego Dodger Stadium’s iconic steamed or grilled Farmer John hot dogs. The stadium’s food provider, Levy Restaurants, expects to sell seven million Dodger Dogs this year. But that is (ahem) a ballpark figure.

What they’re really selling is what Angelinos really want: New-fangled hot dogs, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, vegetarian, gluten-free foods, and guilty-pleasure munchies. There’s a private menu at the posh Lexus Club House and the new “Taste of L.A.” menu is an international street-food fiesta serving up grilled mole beef skewers, Vietnamese spring rolls, chilled ramen salad, sushi, mezze boards, chicken adobo sliders, and multi-ethnic food-truck-style wraps. “We’re bringing new flair,” says Ryan Evans, the stadium’s new executive chef.

These new options are just a taste of what Dodger fans are gobbling up this season:   

Extreme Loaded Dogs: Traditionalists assure that hot dogs still lead the pack but now that’s happening in new and awesome ways. The stadium’s Extreme Loaded Dogs venues raise the stakes and cholesterol levels with toppings like blue cheese, slaw and wing sauce, or mac ‘n’ cheese ‘n’ Fritos, and the new the Spicy Pork Bratwurst link, infused with Shock Top beer then topped with caramelized onions and spicy brown mustard.




BaseBowls: The bowl craze has hit Dodger Stadium with Hawaii-style bowls featuring Ahi Tuna poke over rice, topped with vegetables, wakame, and ponzu sauce; or Kalua Pork with green cabbage and a sweet chili sauce. The Teriyaki Chicken Bowl comes with rice, steamed broccoli, and pineapple; and the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Bowl is topped with a savory peanut sauce and fresh vegetables.

Meatball Mania:  Food on a stick is always a good idea and this meatball stand had a brainstorm coming up with its new trio of grilled-and-skewered goodies: classic beef with marinara, chicken with chili verde and savory Thai pork with ginger-soy sauce.

Kings Hawaiian Grill: At the most carnivorous end of the caloric scale, this new BBQ joint piles on the meat with smoked wings, pulled-pork, and a party-sized brisket platter, plus an iconic Dodger dog topped with a heaping helping of smoked pulled pork.

Dodger tots n chili n cheese


Dodger Tots 'n' Chili 'n' Cheese

Lots of Tots: Standard fries are benched this season by cups of garlicky and chili-cheesy tater tots, as well as the new, marinated Chicken Bites, tossed in Buffalo sauce, or served naked with a side of Morehouse Honey Mustard.  

Trolley Dodger Treats: One thing previously underrepresented in the Dodger Stadium food venue options was a premium dessert stand – now corrected with this new desserts-only stand which serves sweet treats including Stumptown coffee floats, and makes classic fair fare to order, such as funnel cake, glazed churros, and deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos. Churros are also made-to-order, then are drizzled with chocolate, and topped with Dodger-blue and white sprinkles.

Marketplace: No meat? No carbs? No dairy? No gluten? No problem. Dodger Stadium is one of the country’s most vegetarian-friendly ballparks, in fact, PETA voted it #1 in 2015. Healthy options include vegan tempeh sloppy Janes; Mediterranean quinoa salad; and strawberry and beets Salad; and grilled vegetable flatbread.

Perhaps the biggest food news of the 2017 Dodgers season is a dare worthy of professional competitive eaters: the new third-pound Dodger Burger. The burger behemoth is topped with onions, jalapeno poppers, Budweiser BBQ sauce, and – drum roll please -- an entire Dodger Dog, split end-to-end. The calorie count? Don’t ask.

The new executive chef has also been throwing some curveballs in his first Dodgers season, with food specials created and served for a limited-time only. For the Mets matchup, for instance, the Big City Dog was an all-beef hot dog with sauerkraut, green apples (get it?), and whole-grain Dijon. For the Milwaukee series, the special was poutine, topped with beef gravy, cheese curds, garlic aioli, and green onions. For a look at all the special foods currently being served for the Major League Division Series – including the Carnitas Waffle Fries and something orange and corny called a Cheet-O-Lote. 


Leaving a good taste in everyone’s mouths, Dodger Stadium and Levy Restaurants thoughtfully donates its leftover food after every event. They’re teamed up with The Midnight Mission which offers food, housing, and a path to self-sufficiency to men, women and children who have lost everything. Their emergency services, 12-step philosophy, job training, education and work programs offers Los Angeles’ homeless community a compassionate bridge to productive lives.