The Daily Dish: Is Synthetic, Hangover-Free Alcohol the Future of Drinking?

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The Daily Dish - September 27, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

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Is Synthetic, Hangover-Free Alcohol the Future of Drinking?

While some scientists are looking to find the cure to cancer or solve our planet’s burgeoning hunger problems, others are working on more pressing issues — like how to drink all night without getting a hangover. David Nutt, a former government drugs advisor and professor at Imperial College in London, has invented and patented 90 versions of a synthetic alcohol called alcosynth that mimics the pleasurable effects of alcohol without the headache, nausea, and dry mouth the next day, according to The Independent. Not only does alcosynth stave off hangovers, but it also prevents liver and brain damage. You’ll never get too drunk because Nutt and his teamed capped the physiological drunk feeling in their product. At most, you’ll be able to feel about “four to five drinks in.” 


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Domino’s Delivers Box of Cash Instead of Wings

A San Jose, California, woman had an odd stroke of luck last week when she ordered lunch and was given an enormous pile of money instead of chicken wings — and Domino’s was extremely lucky that it accidentally delivered its bank deposit to its most honest customer. According to ABC News, Selena Avalos of San Jose ordered a box of Domino’s chicken wings for lunch on Tuesday, but instead of chicken wings found $5,000 in cash inside the box. Avalos immediately called the Domino’s to let the employees know the money’s location, but was surprised when nobody called her back. Avalos then contacted a local news station, which connected her with the Domino’s corporate office and, in turn, the franchisee. The restaurant was thrilled to get its money back and said it would be giving Avalos free pizza for a year as a reward. Avalos’ employer was so impressed with her honesty that she received a week of paid vacation.

Blue Bell Recalls More Ice Cream Because of Listeria Concerns

Looks like Blue Bell’s troubles are far from over. The ice cream producer has recalled two cookie dough ice cream flavors from 10 states because of listeria concerns. This recall comes only days after the ice cream returned to grocery stores in three states, following a deadly multi-state outbreak that  temporarily halted its operations in 2015, Food Safety News detailed. The contamination is thought to have originated with a supplier, Aspen Hills Inc., who issued a voluntary recall of its products supplied to Blue Bell, according to a release. The recalled flavors — Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookie Two Step — were reportedly distributed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.



Ambitious National Plan to Fight Obesity in Ireland Draws Early Criticism

In the face of an obesity epidemic, the Irish government has launched an “ambitious” national obesity planFood Navigator reported. It involves a sugary drinks tax, maximum portion sizes for unhealthy food and drinks, reformulation targets, and marketing restrictions. It has drawn criticism from campaigners because of the lack of funding to actually implement the new policies. On maximum portion sizes, the policy report states, “Marketing and pricing play key roles in shaping our food choices. It is therefore essential that the way food and drinks are promoted and marketed reduces exposure to unhealthy food using nutrition profiling.” Nutrition profiling classifies foods and drinks in terms of overall nutrition and not just individual components. The Irish Heart Foundation is skeptical that the food and beverage industry will actually follow through with these changes unless they are seen to benefit corporate interests.



Japan’s New Halloween Cheeseburger Licks You Back

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You can always trust Japanese burger chain Lotteria to deliver the weirdest burgers, and this year’s Halloween special is no exception. The “Purple Magic Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger” is topped with purple sauce and comes in a coffin-shaped purple box, which is just right for accommodating a big strip of bacon meant to look like a lolling tongue. The special purple sauce is actually just the chain’s regular cheese sauce tinted with some powdered purple potato. According to Rocket News 24, the Halloween burger will be available from Oct. 6 to 31 for about $8, fries included.