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Burger King Russia Releases Burger in Celebration of Trump

Burger King Russia is celebrating Donald Trump's election as the next United States president in a  unique fashion: by releasing a new menu item called the Trump Burger. It is a super-sized version of Burger King’s spicy “Angriest Red Whopper,” the hottest sandwich sold by the fast-food chain, according to CBS. The Angriest Whopper is topped with a very spicy sauce, onion rings, and jalapeños. "Burger King Russia will very soon release the new 'Trump Burger,'” the chain said in a press release, according to Sputnik News. “In fact, this is a double 'Angriest Whopper,' The only difference is that you can’t order any sauces or food of Mexican origin." The Daily Meal has reached out to Burger King to confirm the authenticity of that last statement.  


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Mom Could Face Jail Time for Selling Ceviche Online

Mariza Reulas, a single mom of six in San Joaquin County, California, could potentially face jail time for selling homemade ceviche online. The mother was cited by officials for selling an illegal substance, which in this case was ceviche, according to ABC 13. Reulas was part of a Facebook group called 209 Food Spot that allows members to share recipes, organize potlucks, and occasionally sell food. The county got word of the group and started an investigation to find those who were selling food without permits. Reulas was targeted in the sting operation with about a dozen others when an undercover investigator requested a plate of ceviche from her last year. Reulas and other group members were cited with two misdemeanors of operating a food facility and engaging in business, both without permits, ABC 13 reported.


Asia Pulp Paper

Paper Company Launches 100-Percent Biodegradable Cup

One of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies, Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), based in Indonesia, launched a 100-percent biodegradable cup for hot and cold beverages this week at the Gulfood Manufacturing food and beverage trade show in Dubai. The Foopak Bio Natura Cup uses an aqueous coating as an alternative to polyethylene liners that can add to plastic pollution. This project was driven by global concerns for managing waste and the changing needs of customers and consumers, Beverage Daily reported. “Biodegradability and compostability are particularly relevant issues, especially in countries where the mindset and infrastructure of recycling is still developing,” said Andika Roemin, senior vice president for APP in the Middle East and North Africa.


Mr. Mak's Gin Bao

Mr. Mak’s Gin Bao Bottles Traditional Chinese Health Drink

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Mr. Mak’s Gin Bao, based in New York City’s Chinatown, has bottled the traditional Chinese ginger broth health drink “ginger bao” for the first time. The drink was brought over from China by CEO Frances Mak’s father, after whom the company is named. According to the company website, people in Asia drink ginger bao to “aid digestion, build immunity, get energized, and feel their best.” A 13.9-fluid-ounce bottle of Mr. Mak’s Gin Bao retails for around $4.99. The drink is not yet widely available, but the company is looking to further expand to reach the health-conscious American public.