Mom Could Face Jail Time for Selling Ceviche Online

Facebook group members were targeted in a secret sting operation

Flickr / Kojach / CC BY 2.0

Ceviche consists of raw fish cured in citrus juices.

Mariza Reulas, a single mom of six in San Joaquin County, California, could potentially face jail time for selling homemade ceviche online.

The mother was cited by officials for selling an illegal substance, which in this case was ceviche, according to ABC 13.

Reulas was part of a Facebook group called 209 Food Spot that allows members to share recipes, organize potlucks, and occasionally sell food. The county got word of the group and started an investigation to find those who were selling food without permits. Reulas was targeted in the sting operation with about a dozen others when an undercover investigator requested a plate of ceviche from her last year.

Reulas and other group members were cited with two misdemeanors of operating a food facility and engaging in business, both without permits, ABC 13 reported.

Reulas received a plea deal that would have gotten her three years of probation, but declined the offer to take the case to trial. She now could face up to a year in jail, according to Eater.

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Kelly McDaniel, the deputy district attorney for San Joaquin County, told ABC 13 that selling any food not under subject to inspection by the health department puts consumers in danger.