Carrot cake

Costco Baked a Massive 4-Pound Carrot Cake for Easter

Somebunny you know is going to love this
Carrot cake

Now this is a 24-carrot Easter dessert. In keeping with Costco’s tradition of selling the biggest of everything, the membership-only warehouse chain is now offering the dessert of Bugs Bunny’s dreams. It’s a 4-pound carrot cake that will serve everybunny who’s coming to your Easter egg hunt and then some.

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The cake’s not new to Costco shelves this year, but it’s earning plenty of social media buzz as Easter approaches and bakers realize they can add the enormous dessert to their weekend table.

The two-layer cake features an apricot filling and is covered with cream cheese frosting and then sprinkled with carrot cake crumbs and toasted walnuts, according to The Costco Connoisseur Instagram account.

Costco did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but photos of the cake show it’s priced at $13.99.

It’s far from the only gigantic Costco product that’s made the news lately. Check out the 3-pound lobster claws, the 27-pound mac and cheese bucket, the 6.6-pound Nutella bucket and the 7-pound chocolate cake. That’d be a weird mix of foods, but perfect if you need to feed a hungry army of kids and lobster lovers.


And according to social media buzz, the giganto carrot cake looks to be a serious aspiration for some shoppers. “Someone either needs to take me to Costco or go buy me the 4-pound carrot cake please,” wrote one fan. Just leave room in your Costco cart for a few of these 23 cult-favorite Costco foods.