Costco Offers a 27-Pound Bucket of Mac and Cheese That Lasts 20 Years

Hungry? Really hungry? No, hungrier than that?

Hungry? Really hungry? No, are you hungrier than that? Get out your best fork and your biggest bowl. Costco now sells a 27-pound, 6-gallon bucket of macaroni and cheese that lasts 20 years.

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Costco is known for selling in bulk -- it’s a great place to shop for daycare-center pantries or massive church dinners. And according to Delish, this product isn’t new, but it’s certainly been gaining media attention over the past few days.

And for good reason: The Chef’s Banquet Macaroni and Cheese Storage Bucket makes 180 servings of mac and cheese. In other words, it could feed the entire Brady Bunch, including Mike, Carol and Alice, every day for nearly three weeks. And it’s not cheap: You’ll pay $89.99 for the enormous meal-maker. (Let’s hope Greg’s Johnny Bravo album sells big.)

mac and cheese Costco


But it’s the 20-year storage life that’s entertaining to many on social media. The product description notes that the cheese and pasta are packged in separate bulk pouches with oxygen absorbers to ensure a long shelf life. Maybe the survivors on “The Walking Dead” could use a few of these giant tubs, or maybe blindfolded Sandra Bullock and pals from Netflix’s post-apocalyptic thriller “Bird Box.”

Want it delivered? As publicity for the big bucket rose, one link on Costco’s website listed it as out of stock, but we found another link that seems to still offer it. That second link let me go ahead and put the bucket in my cart, but as I didn't complete the order, I don't know if it would've eventually given me an out-of-stock message just like the first link. So if you want to order it, go ahead, but don't be disappointed if the publicity has made it sell out. Costco did not immediately respond to a request for comment about whether or not the item is in stock.


The mammoth mac and cheese isn’t the only giant Costco product to make the news lately. A 6.6-pound tub of the chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella also made the rounds of social media. While you’re filling up the emergency foodstuff pantry with Costco goodness, check out 23 cult-favorite Costco foods you need to add to your cart.