Costco Is Selling 6.6-Pound Tubs of Nutella

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This tub ain't big enough for the both of us, Slim. Just kidding. It is.

If you’re nuts for Nutella, wait until you hear this: There’s no need to stock up on 10 jars at a time anymore, because there’s a new sugary sheriff in town and he’s turned your neighborhood Costco his very own Wild West. Have your spoons at the ready, because the wholesaler is selling ginormous tubs of the holy hazelnut spread.

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According to Costco’s website, customers can get a 6.6-pound bucket of Ferrero’s Nutella for just $21.99. That’s equal to approximately eight regular 13-ounce jars you’d find on any old store shelf. It even ends up being cheaper than stocking up at places like Walmart, where one jar is listed for $3.58. If you bought eight of them, you’d be spending $28.64, which is $6.65 more than what Costco is offering.

Plus, you wouldn’t look like a weirdo leaving the grocery store with eight jars of Nutella should you capitalize on the big boy bucket. What if you forgot a shopping cart? You’d have to balance them all on top of each other and they would definitely fall and possibly make a mess all over the floor. Uncool!


So yeah, customers can get this newborn baby-sized bucket of Nutella now in stores and online, where members have to pay an additional $3 for two-day delivery (unless you order other stuff that amounts to over $75). Looks like this may have just become another cult-favorite Costco food you need to add to your cart.