Chipotle Menu Change: Carne Asada Is Back

Remember 2019? It might feel like ages ago, but late last year Chipotle launched it's fastest selling new protein option ever: carne asada. The steak was such a success the company effectively ran out of it earlier this year. But, alas this week, the cult-favorite menu item is back.

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Starting Sept. 22, Chipotle's 16 million U.S. rewards members will be the first to gain access to the returned carne asada on the Chipotle app and Digital access will be extended to all buyers from Sept. 24 through Sept. 27. Then, on Sept. 28, the premium protein option will be made available in-restaurant and across all other digital channels.

During the fresh grilled, seasoned and hand-cut carne asada's initial run, it was ordered by more than 10 million Chipotle customers.

Mexican food has been a quarantine-craving favorite. If coronavirus concerns have you not yet up for a trip to your nearest Chipotle, try your hand at making Chipotle's signature rice, guacamole and other fast food copycat dishes at home.