Celebrities' Backstage Food Demands Slideshow

Selena Gomez

Request: Turkey sandwiches, but NO WONDER BREAD

Selena Gomez has had kind of a rough year, what with Bieber's baby-mama-drama and rumors about her relationship flying all over Tinseltown. Even though she may not be able to count on things in her personal life remaining private, the one thing the singer can always count on is having supplies to make just your basic turkey sandwich backstage. Gomez is a stickler about her bread, though, as it states in her contract that she should never be provided with Wonder bread.

Michael Bublé

Wikimedia Commons/Connormah

Request: One bottle of premium single malt scotch and a local team hockey puck

All we heard this holiday season was "Have you heard the new Michael Bublé Christmas album?" Yes. We did. It's great. His appearance on Saturday Night Live was also hilarious. So honestly, his request for a bottle of premium single malt scotch backstage at his appearances is well justified. Have a drink, sir. You deserve it. (Side note: To go along with that scotch, Bublé also stipulates that he would like a puck from a local hockey team, eh?)


Request: Individually wrapped, freshly made sandwiches, which should not include chilli [sic], vinegar, tomatoes, or citrus.

Adele scared us with that whole operation thing. (Glad she's OK so we can keep "rollin' in the deep"!) Now that she's getting back to tour-ready status, she'll be able to take advantage of the delicious backstage treats her rider affords her, such as cases of beer (no varieties from North America) and fresh sandwiches, which shouldn't include "tomatoes, vinegar, chilli [sic], or citrus fruit." Food allergy? Odd citrus phobia? The world may never know.

Katy Perry

Request: Water cooler dispenser with SIGG bottles for each crew member. Freeze-dried strawberries.

Katy Perry finds time in her busy schedule to take care of the environment while she's taking care of herself. Her rider requests water dispensers in all dressing rooms and production offices to allow her tour crew to fill up the reusable aluminum water bottles they are provided with, in an effort to reduce waste. Good job, Katy Perry! Also, inexplicably listed in her many food requests is a bullet that reads simply "freeze-dried strawberries."

Jerry Springer

Request: Lox and bagels with cream cheese and a cafe mocha from Starbucks Coffee. Piña colada-scented smoke is also used on stage.

Jerry Springer seems to be a pretty low maintenance guy. Well... except for the request for 30 pounds of ice after lunch. And 60 pounds of ice after dinner. And the request that the theatrical smoke used at his events be "piña colada"-scented. We've never seen a Jerry Springer event, but between the ice and the cocktail-scented smoke, now we can't wait. His snack of choice at gigs is lox and bagels with cream cheese and a cafe mocha from Starbucks.

Tenacious D

Wikimedia Commons/BotMultichillT

Request: One bottle of brown mustard "(must be VERY tasty and delicious)"

Funny man Jack Black and his bandmate Kyle Gass couldn't even get through a contract without a few wisecracks. Included in their demands are requests for two bottles of brown mustard, which "must be VERY tasty and delicious." They also requested "ice (frozen H20 otherwise known as water)." Whatever makes them hilarious, we say give it to them.


Request: Prepaid $1,000 bar tab OR liquor listed (including Rémy Martin VSOP, Grey Goose, and Patrón). Nine filet mignon steaks (at least nine ounces each), butterflied, and cooked well-done.

T.I.'s rider isn't really a surprise. It's everything that a hip-hop mega-star's demands are cracked up to be. Among them are either a prepaid $1,000 bar tab or stocked liquor, to include Rémy Martin VSOP, Grey Goose, and Patrón. For eats, T.I. and his crew require nine filet mignon steaks, butterflied, well-done, and at least nine ounces each. How does one go about becoming a member of an entourage? Because this seems like a good one to be a part of.

Whitney Houston

Request: From Houston's Southeast Asia rider: Lots of candy — M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Butterfingers, Raisinets, as well as shrimp cocktail, crab legs, sweet and sour chicken or shrimp, spring rolls, and shrimp fried rice.

Everyone knows that Whitney Houston is a diva. Her rider for her spring 2004 tour of Southeast Asia confirms it. Completely discounting her transportation requests for an "armored" Mercedes or BMW that was "neat and clean with tinted windows in excellent working condition", she has some pretty pricey food demands. From shrimp cocktail to crab legs, Ms. Houston demands the best of everything — including the candy in her dressing room, such as M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Butterfingers, and Raisinets.

Jennifer Hudson

Request: Baked hot wings

Jennifer Hudson's weight loss journey has been pretty well documented by this point, but if you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you can check it out in her new bookI Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me DownJudging by her rider, one of her secrets must be not having much food around at all, as one of her only food requests is for baked hot wings.

Jennifer Lopez

Request: Apple pie à la mode

"Jenny From the Block" has been going through a lot of changes recently. After announcing her split from husband Marc Anthony, the star found herself in the middle of a controversy surrounding her endorsement of Fiat. J. Lo could probably use some relaxing, controversy-free time right about now. She's undoubtedly dreaming of the terms of her rider, which state that she be provided with apple pie à la mode in her dressing room. The dressing room, by the way, must be completely white, full of candles and flowers, and have a "large comfortable chair for hair and makeup."