Breaking Bad Fans Toss Too Many Pizzas on 'Walter White's' House, Prompt Owner to Get Fence

Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science! But definitely no more pizza

The real-life homeowners of TV character Walter White’s house are sick of people throwing pizza on to their roof and are putting up a fence.

The actual homeowners of fictional Breaking Bad character Walter White’s Albuquerque home have told the media that they are constructing a six-foot-high iron fence around their house to prohibit fans from throwing pizza on their roof. Fans of the show may recall that in episode 2 of the third season, science teacher turned drug king Walter White flings a pizza onto the roof of his house out of pure aggression.

Apparently, many fans have been paying homage to the show by tossing their own full-size pizzas onto the home’s roof, trespassing on the grounds and vandalizing the home. The real-life owners have had enough and told local news station KOB that they will be erecting a six-foot-high iron fence to try to dissuade people from the act.

“We feel like we can’t leave because when we do, something happens and that’s ridiculous,” the homeowner’s daughter Joanne Quintana told KOB.


Apparently the situation is similar at the real life apartment complex of Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman, located near the University of New Mexico. The duplex’s renter told news that she constantly has fans of the show in front of her door snapping selfies. No reports of any pizza throwing, however; that’s exclusively for the home of Walter, Skyler, and Walter Jr. We bet that if fans purchased pizza from any of the 101 best pizza places in America, they probably wouldn’t waste them on someone’s roof.