Blizzard Warning: What Foods to Stock Up On

If you’re going to be snowed in for a few days, some foods are better to buy than others
Canned Food

Photo Modified: Flickr/ F Delventhal/ CC4.0

Canned vegetables are a must-have. 

When a blizzard warning strikes, as it did for much of the Mid-Atlantic and northeast last weekend, one of the most important things to do is stock up on food. There are few things more frustrating than being snowbound and discovering that the cupboards are bare. But some foods are better-suited to waiting out a storm with than others; boxed macaroni and cheese is great, but you don’t want to be eating it three times a day for a week!

If a storm is coming, it’s smart to stock up on a week’s worth of food, just to be safe, assuming that there’s a chance that power will go out and you’ll have no access to refrigeration. We recommend you start by buying at least a few gallons of water in case of emergency, and also load up on canned soups; cans of beans (which are loaded with protein and can be added to many recipes); canned vegetables; grains like rice and quinoa; pasta and sauce; quick and healthy snacks like granola bars; plenty of bread and tortillas; peanut butter and jelly; cereal and milk (powdered if necessary); dried fruits; sports drinks for electrolytes; canned tuna, salmon, and chicken; and multivitamins to keep your nutrition levels in check.

You can find eight quick and easy dishes to make with canned foods here. Good luck!

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