Best Canned Soup According to Grant Achatz

The Chicago chef tries out 3 supermarket-bought canned soups, just for fun, we guess

Sure, we've done our own version of the canned soup taste test (which was not fun, FYI), but it looks like Grant Achatz has a soft spot for minestrone. So of course he goes out to the supermarket to buy three brands and tries them all, recording it all on a iPhone video and declaring the winner to the ever-moving soundtrack of Luciano Pavarotti's "Nessun Dorma." 

In this epic video (who knew soup could be so inspiring when paired with opera?) Achatz asks the viewer, "Who do you think is the better chef: Wolfgang Puck, Amy, or Elmo?" (Amy being Amy's Organics, and Elmo representing Earth's Best Organics). We root for Elmo, but in the end he chooses Wolfgang Puck after showing off his impressive can-opening skills and excellent soup flourishes.

Watch the entire video below, and wonder if this is what happens when you create an entirely vegan menu.