Minnie Mouse

This Birthday Cake Was Supposed to Look Like Minnie Mouse

This cake is a little less “happiest place on earth” and more “stuff of nightmares”
Minnie Mouse

A bakery did its best to recreate a Minnie Mouse cake that a customer had found a photo of online, but it went horribly wrong.

A Reddit user shared a photo of the unfortunate-looking cake that arrived after they made an order for a Minnie Mouse birthday cake for their niece. Reddit user ehsan shared an image of the cake that they expected upon ordering, which was a three-tiered Minnie Mouse cake with cute Minnie-shaped fondants and Minnie’s sweet face adorning the top.

What arrived was a three-tiered seemingly melting nightmare. Not only were the proportions off — Minnie’s face was all wrong, and her head was reared back as if laughing at her own construction. Redditor ehsan did explain that they had given the bakery that made the cake a photo of the cute Minnie cake from online and that the bakers had tried their best to duplicate it.

However, their best just wasn’t good enough. Reddit users were merciless in the comments section.

“The cake's shininess is the stuff of nightmares,” said Moonripple616. “It's look like it's got that full body sweat like when you have the stomach flu and are rushing to find a bathroom,” followed up road_to_nowhere.


No word on whether or not ehsan gave the cake to their niece. But we definitely think this cake disaster totally belongs in the 12 most hilarious birthday cake fails.