Beyond Meat Launched a New ‘Meatier’ Burger. Here’s What It Tastes Like

Does the new recipe live up to the hype?
Beyond Burger
Courtesy of Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, the company that made the revolutionary meatless burger patty meant to look and taste like real beef, released a revamped version of the Beyond Burger on Tuesday that’s even “meatier.” The new recipe, which will soon replace all Beyond Burgers in supermarkets, has marbling that’s meant to melt and tenderize like the real thing in taste and texture. We tried the new Beyond Burger patties for ourselves — and our feelings were mixed.

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Beyond Meat created the product with the intention of being “indistinguishable” from real beef but with a lesser environmental impact. Each 4-ounce patty has 20 grams of plant-based protein and 250 calories. The burgers will be available nationwide by the end of June. Customers can find the new burgers by looking for a red tab on the front that reads “NOW EVEN MEATIER.”

We cooked the patty on the recommended heat for the recommended amount of time — medium-high for four minutes on each side. The patties didn’t stick, and the pan got crispy and greasy just like it would have had we cooked regular beef burgers. The kitchen also smelled eerily similar to cooked beef.

Even after just one bite, we could tell that the burger is thicker and, yes, “meatier.” The new and improved texture comes from fiber-rich blend of pea, mung bean and rice proteins, which are denser and sturdier than the ingredients of the original patty.

Beyond Burger

Courtesy of Beyond Meat

While we could definitely tell it wasn’t real meat, it did have a subtle meat-like flavor. However, the burger seemed a lot more well-done than we expected. That’s actually intentional — the patties are made using apple extract, which a representative from Beyond Meat told The Daily Meal serves to “help the color transition from red to brown when cooked.”

“Think about what happens to apples when they oxidize,” they explained. “They turn brown!” Sure, but one editor who typically prefers her burgers cooked medium or medium rare thought the brown, solid patty left something to be desired. She had to douse the “beef” in ketchup to enjoy it — a habit she abhors in our nation’s president and never thought she’d employ.

Another editor — in this case a vegetarian — loved it. “You don’t get that thickness with regular veggie burgers,” she said. “I would definitely buy these.”

Beyond Meat has been experiencing exceptional success as of late, with soaring stock prices and new brand partnerships. According to MarketWatch, stock prices increased by 670 percent when the company went public in May, and the company generated $12.8 million in revenue in 2018, expecting to earn nearly $40 million in 2019.


Only time will tell whether this new Beyond Burger will be as popular as the last. Who knows, they could soon be featured in some of the most popular menu items in America.