America's Best Donuts Slideshow


Gourdough's Get The Flying Pig donut, topped with maple frosting and crispy bacon (pictured).

Donut Crown Get the multi-colored glazed donuts with sprinkles.

Mrs. Johnson's Bakery Get the famous original donut, but make sure the glaze is still hot for an extra special treat.

Ken's Doughnuts Get the chocolate and blueberry centers (that's what they call donut holes).

KC Donut Store Get a Boston crème donut — they'll fill it with custard to order so the donuts are never soggy.



Betty Ann Food Shop Get the lemon jelly donut, doused in coarse crystallized sugar (pictured).

Kane's Get a chocolate frosted donut (for the frosting, if nothing else) and one of the pizza pie-sized coffee rolls if you're still hungry.

Mike's Donuts Get the old-fashioned glazed donut. It's a behemoth of a confection, so bring your friends along for a bite.

Anna's Hand Cut Donuts Get Anna's signature honey-dipped donut.

Flour Bakery Get the light-as-air vanilla sugar brioche donut.


Dinkel's Get their famous apple cider donut (rolled in cinnamon sugar) or the maple glazed (pictured).

Old Fashioned Donuts They offer cake, buttermilk, and yeast donuts here. However, the cake donuts are the only way to go at this spot.

Dat Donuts Keep things simple and go with the original glazed donut, but be warned, it's roughly the size of a car tire, so go there with an appetite.

The Doughnut Vault Get the classic buttermilk and chestnut donuts.

Washington, D.C.

The Fractured Prune While the downtown D.C. location may have closed, there are still plenty of branches in the metro area to visit. Get the OC Sand, a hot donut with honey glaze and cinnamon sugar (variety of donuts pictured).

Breadline Get their homemade yeast donut.

Heller's Bakery Get the jelly donut.

Tabard Inn Get the sugar donuts, served with strawberry-topped whipped cream.

2Amys This Neopolitan pizzeria fries up homemade donuts every weekend and serves them up piping hot with cinnamon sugar.


Las Vegas

Yelp/Tyler H.

Al's Donuts Do yourself a favor and get the donut sundae (pictured). It's bound to blow your mind.

Ronald's Doughnuts Get the coconut donut at this vegan bakery the coconut is baked right into the batter.

Bouchon Bakery Get the expertly made jelly-filled beignets.

Donut Hut Get the blueberry cake donut; it's their house specialty.

Dee's Donuts Get the buttermilk glazed donut. Plus, they'll throw in complimentary donut holes with every order.

Los Angeles

Stan's Corner Doughnut Shoppe Get the peanut butter and jelly donut (pictured).

Randy's Donuts Get the coconut raised donut at this true LA landmark.

The Donut Man Get the fresh strawberry donut, available only when the berries are in season.

Bob's Coffee & Donuts Get the apple fritter donut.

Tang's Donut Get the classic glazed jelly donut.


Mandarin Gourmet Donut Shoppe Get the flan-filled donut. Plus, they'll deliver anywhere in the Miami metro area (pictured).

Sunshine Donuts Get the Miami-style jelly donuts, filled with guava and mamey jams.

Dandee Donut Factory Get the chocolate honey-glazed donut.

The Pelican Café Treat yourself to a sour cream powdered donut.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Get whatever flavor they're serving up that day.

New Orleans

Café du Monde Get the beignets (pictured). What else could you possibly get there?

Morning Call Coffee Stand It's hard to mess with a true regional classic. So again, beignets are the way to go here.

Mandeville Bake Shop Get the apple fritter donut.

Donut King Get the lemon jelly-filled donut.

The Buttermilk Drop Bakery & Café Get this bakery's namesake specialty — the buttermilk drops.


Yelp/Dave H.

Frangelli's Bakery Start with an ice cream donut (pictured), then follow it up with a black raspberry jelly donut if you're a champ.

Haegele's Bakery Get the vanilla cream donut.

Donut Plus Get the cake donut with white frosting.

Suzy-Jo Donuts Get their signature hard chocolate cake donut.

Federal Donuts
Get the vanilla lavender if you're craving something comforting or the passionfruit poppy if you're feeling a bit edgier.

San Francisco

Dynamo Donut and Coffee Get the maple-glazed apple and bacon donut or the caramel de sel donut (pictured).

Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop Get their famous apple fritter donut.

Eagle Donuts Get their chocolate glazed old-fashioned donut.

Trish's Mini Donuts Get a dozen of their signature cinnamon sugar mini donuts.

Pepples Donuts Get either the salted caramel donut or the matcha green tea donut at this vegan bakery.


Mighty-O Donuts Get the French toast donut (pictured at back) or the Don King, a chocolate coconut delight.

Top Pot Doughnuts Get the Bavarian cream donut.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company Get the classic powdered donut.

Spudnut Shop Get their signature glazed spudnut, a potato-flour donut.

Family Donut Get the glazed cruller.

The Rest of the Best

Voodoo Doughnut (Portland, Ore.) Get the Dirty Snowball (chocolate cake donut with pink marshmallow frosting) or The Loop (topped with vanilla frosting and Fruit Loops, pictured).

Shipley Do-Nuts (Houston) Get their famous chocolate-filled donut.

The Donut Stop (St. Louis) Get the custard-filled glazed donut.

Round Rock Donuts (Round Rock, Texas) Get their signature glazed donut, and make sure it's still hot.

Sublime Doughnuts (Atlanta) Get their famous Reese's Peanut Butter Cup donut.

New York City

Doughnut Plant Get the crème brûlée-filled donut. We guarantee you won't be disappointed (pictured).

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop Get the red velvet cake donut.

Bomboloni Get their signature honey bombolini, topped with honeycomb and bee pollen.

The Donut Pub Get the honey-dipped donuts.

Sullivan Street Bakery Get the classic bombolini with fresh lemon zest and custard filling.