The 10 Very Worst Things You Can Order in a Restaurant

These may sound tempting, but we’d advise against ordering them
Bar Peanuts


Think of how many dirty hands have been in that bowl of peanuts.

Every restaurant has its own specialties, things that it does really well and (if it’s lucky) is known for. And while it’s fairly obvious that there are some things you shouldn’t order from specific restaurants — a lobster roll at a dive bar or a cheeseburger at a Chinese restaurant, for example — there are some things that you should never order from any restaurant, ever, for numerous reasons.

The 10 Very Worst Things You Can Order in a Restaurant​ (Slideshow)

While restaurants on the whole try to make sure that every item on its menu gets the same amount of love from the kitchen, sometimes it just isn’t possible. Some items are always going to be inconsistent sellers, meaning that they’ll most likely be spending lots of time in the freezer, and other dishes are added to menus as afterthoughts so therefore won’t be particularly impressive.

Another thing to be on the lookout for at restaurants are the freebies: If a bowl of peanuts is sitting out and anybody can grab a handful, we’d advise against partaking; after-dinner mints on the hostess stand have been shown to be especially dirty.


While we’re not claiming to be the food police, common sense dictates that you should strongly reconsider if you’re thinking about ordering any of the following things at a restaurant. Some might make you sick, some are wastes of your time and money, and others are sly ways restaurants can take advantage of you. If you don’t order any of these, we guarantee you’re going to have a better meal.