8 Food Companies to Watch

These companies are primed to become food industry powerhouses

Photo Modified: Flickr / G M / CC BY 4.0

Umami Burger has taken the burger scene by storm.

Food companies come and go, but some seem primed to be at the forefront of a revolution. From an app that lets you pay your restaurant bill automatically to a burger chain that’s commanding lines out the door, these eight companies are definitely ones worth watching.

8 Food Companies to Watch (Slideshow)

It’s not easy for an enterprise to stand out from the pack. New companies that promise to disrupt long-standing food conventions start up all the time, but the majority of them barely create a ripple in the vast ocean of noise. But some companies haven’t just managed to create a ripple, they make major waves. And when a company makes waves, people take notice.

In the world of food, there are many, many different types of companies. Restaurants, apps, food products, and specialty services all fall under the “food company” umbrella, and in each of these categories there are firms that are seriously disrupting the status quo. In order to assemble our list of companies to watch, we made sure to look for companies that a lot of people as well as other publications are talking about, including inc., Thrillist, PBS, and Time.

It’s easy to just go about our business sticking to our everyday routines, but things can’t stay the same forever. Some companies are worth taking notice of, because even if they don’t impact you directly they’re still shaking up the food scene in a big way. Read on for eight companies you should definitely be watching.


Queens-based Bareburger has locations in New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, and even Tokyo, and is still rapidly expanding. The secret to its success? High quality ingredients. All meat (including beef, bison, elk, ostrich, lamb, and wild boar) is organic and all-natural, and they’re actually serving healthy burgers, made with lower fat-content meat, all-natural breads, organic and pesticide free vegetables, and cheese from grass-fed cows. Even the décor is sustainable, made with reclaimed wood and recycled vinyl. If there’s one burger chain that’s looking to the future, it’s Bareburger.



Cover, developed by cofounders Mark Egerman and Andrew Cove, lets you dine and dash and not get in trouble for it. Here’s how it works: You download the app, enter your credit card info and preferred tip (which you can change at any time), then let the restaurant know that you’ll be paying with Cover when you arrive. After you’re finished with your meal all you need to do is leave, and the restaurant will automatically charge your card, no questions asked. And if multiple people are dining, it can even be split between them. About 200 of New York’s best restaurants and top spots on San Francisco and Los Angeles are also on board, with more added all the time.