The 4 Saddest Looking School Lunches Ever

Going back to school can be tough, especially when kids have spent their entire summer enjoying their home cooking. We're not saying that all school lunches are bad, and of course we understand the difficulties of feeding a whole student body on a budget. That being said, sometimes eating lunch at school can really be a drag.

Now some school lunches go above and beyond the call of duty, but others fall significantly flat. We went on a search for the saddest looking school lunches ever, and, well, we found them. Seriously, some of these don't even look like food at all. We definitely feel for these students.

Questionable Mush

The color, the texture, just everything about this lunch is wrong. We'd probably stick to the "salad" and skip everything else.


Lonely Bacon

That is quite a large ratio of ketchup to sandwich, and that little piece of bacon looks sad all on its own. It needs a friend or two.


Nugget Wrap

This is a noble attempt at a chicken wrap gone horribly wrong. At least it is served on what appears to be a whole wheat tortilla.


Nachos? Chili?

We're not sure what this lunch is meant to be. It could be chili, or it could be nachos, or it could just be a mystery.