Cover, a New App That Automatically Pays Your Restaurant Tab

Tell them you’re paying via the app and you can leave without ever seeing a bill
Pay Your Restaurant Bill with Your Phone

Cover is an app that allows you to pay your restaurant bill right from your phone. Cover currently works with restaurants in Manhattan and will be expanding to Brooklyn soon.


With Cover, you can dine and dash without getting in trouble.

In the hospitality industry, the least hospitable part of a meal usually comes right at the end, when the check arrives and everyone has to figure out who pays what, and the server has to deal with credit cards. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app that let you plug in your card info and preferred tip once, then automatically charges your credit card after your dine? Look no further: Cover is here.

The app, developed by cofounders Mark Egerman and Andrew Cove, lets you dine and dash and not get in trouble for it. Here’s how it works: You download the app, enter your credit card info and preferred tip (which you can change at any time), then let the restaurant know that you’ll be paying with Cover when you arrive. After you’re finished with your meal all you need to do is leave, and the restaurant will automatically charge your card, no questions asked. And if multiple people are dining, it can even be split between them.

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Egerman and Cove have so far enlisted 35 of New York City’s top restaurants, including Charlie Bird, Carbone, Empellón Cocina, ZZ’s Clam Bar, Rouge Tomate, and L’Artusi, with more being added weekly (here’s a full list). It’s as simple as it sounds, and not only does it allow you to completely bypass the "check please" portion of the meal, it’s also pretty baller.