8 Fahrenheit Brings the Wave of Thai Ice Cream Rolls to Atlanta

It’s not just an NYC trend anymore…

Tip: venture over on a weekend day for a dessert you won’t regret. Weeknights can get very crowded!

For the past year, New Yorkers have indulged on a deliciously sweet fad: Thai ice cream rolls. Lines trail around the block at 10 Below in Chinatown and I CE NY in Greenwich Village.  New York foodies have incited major food FOMO with posts of colorful stacked toppings on top of rolled pillars of ice cream.

Fortunately, for ATLiens, Atlanta now has Thai ice cream rolls, too.

Thai ice cream rolls are traditionally street food in Thailand. Ice cream vendors pour a creamy, custardy mix onto an extremely cold metal plate and add desired toppings. As the liquid hardens, they smash in various toppings, spread the quickly hardening mix over the plate, and then skillfully scrape it up into delicate individual rolls of ice cream.

To find this delectable treat, travel up Buford Highway to an unassuming shopping center that is home to 8 Fahrenheit, an Atlanta dessert gem that opened in March 2016. The inside windows are covered from top to bottom in Post-It notes with fan reviews and enthusiasm for 8 Fahrenheit’s Thai ice cream roll creations. 8 Fahrenheit clearly has developed a very devoted fan base in a very short period of time.  

Step inside and evaluate the menu. There are fruity options like the Evil Berries and Sexy Georgia, the latter of which features Thai tea and peach for a southern twist on this exotic dessert.  Or, if you are a Matcha fan like I am, there is the Matcha Lady with strawberries mashed into green tea ice cream. There are also chocolate specialties like the Cookie Monster, which includes Oreo cookies smashed into the ice cream rolls.

Add three toppings to your rolls from an array of toppings including Pocky, roasted marshmallows, gummy bears, and lychee. Get creative!

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