The Next Big Dessert Is an Ice Cream Roll



A delicious ice cream roll with vanilla ice cream and jelly.

People have waited hours on end for cronuts — the croissant/doughnut hybrid created by Dominique Ansel. Now, people are lining up for the coolest dessert trend on the rise: the ice cream roll. 10Below, an ice cream place on Mott Street in New York City, serves ice cream rolls — an American twist to the Thai classic. This is traditionally a treat that you would only find in Thailand, but it has made its way to 10Below and two other dessert spots in the city. While 10Below is certainly worth a visit,  you can skip the line and try making the next big dessert right in your kitchen. It is essentially a thin layer of cake rolled together with ice cream and topped with sauce, fruit, or nuts. Here are two recipes to try at home:

Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Roll

Try making a delicious ice cream roll at home with vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, and top with chocolate or caramel sauce. There are so many variations you can try for this recipe — instead of using vanilla ice cream you can use strawberry ice cream for the filling and top with strawberry jam and whip cream.

For the Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Roll recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Roll

Combine summer and fall into one delicious dessert. A pumpkin ice cream roll is just the way to do it. You have a subtle taste of pumpkin mixed with the refreshing ice cream, making this the perfect after dinner dessert. You can even replace your classic Thanksgiving dessert with this one — I’m sure it will be a hit.

For the Pumpkin Ice Cream Roll recipe, click here.