$27,000 Melons


$27,000 Melons and 10 Other Insanely Expensive Foods

These luxury items are the most expensive foods on earth

Every so often, we hear about some restaurant that’s serving an obscenely expensive dish for no other reason than to get some publicity. If you want to drop $450 on a pizza topped with lobster and caviar, you’re more than welcome to. But these hodgepodges (which also usually involve things like gold leaf, which is actually not that expensive) are nothing but a bunch of expensive things thrown together, and while they may be expensive dishes, they’re not expensive individual food items. Which raises the question: What are the most expensive foods on earth?

$27,000 Melons and 10 Other Insanely Expensive Foods (Slideshow)

Foods can be super-expensive for a variety of reasons. In some cases they’re simply extremely rare. In others the level of skill needed to produce a certain food means that only a handful of skilled artisans can make it. And for many of the world’s most expensive foods, their value also lies in their allure. Take truffles, for instance. Truffle oil is relatively inexpensive (most of the time it doesn’t actually contain truffles), as are canned black truffles, but chefs add them to dishes all the time (whether they complement them or not) in order to give them an air of opulence (though we admit that fries tossed with truffle oil are pretty darn tasty).

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There are some foods that are so outrageously expensive that only the very wealthy can afford them. Even foods that are expensive in any format, like caviar, have super-high-end variants that take the price tag up to stratospheric levels. These 11 items will definitely cost you a pretty penny.