A Restaurant Guest Accidentally Eats $300 Worth of White Truffle

A Restaurant Guest Accidentally Eats $300 Worth of White Truffle
Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps she just thought it was a potato.

The owners of a popular restaurant in Washington D.C. recently had to eat an unexpected cost when a diner inadvertently took a giant bite out of a rare, expensive white truffle. The bite alone, said Equinox co-owners Ellen Kassoff Gray and Todd Gray, cost $300.

The accident happened on a Sunday afternoon when Ellen Kassoff Gray was walking through the dining room and noticed a half-eaten truffle on a diner’s bread plate. Now, white truffles can be quite costly. Just recently, the world’s biggest truffle sold for $1 million. This particular truffle had actually been behind a glass enclosure as part of a promotion for a new truffle-shaved vegan brunch buffet with a surcharge of $20. It’s possible, said Kassoff Gray, that the diner mistook the floor displays as up for grabs and decided to dig in. We’ll try to remember that trick the next time we’re at a seafood restaurant and happen to see a tank full of lobsters on display.

When the restaurant owner noticed the half-bitten truffle, she politely approached her, according to the Washington Post, and the diner supposedly said that she didn’t care for the taste, but suggested that the chef try and salvage the uneaten part. Kassoff Gray presumably bit her tongue, and then decided to not charge the diner for the fungi faux-pas. 


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